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At the moment we are not hiring, but it's always open to you to change our minds.  Check out the requirements and if you sincerely believe you can add to our strengths then go ahead and convince us!


You are a people person
OK. so everyone goes along with this one.  But ask yourself very clearly, what image do you project?  Intelligent, skilled, focused are all well and good.  In fact they're essential attributes at goodatenglish.com, but the key question we will be asking ourselves is, "Will we enjoy working with you?"
You know the online wold
You are supremely confident online and understand completely the issues surrounding online communication.  You are social media savvy and probably contribute on a regular basis to Twitter memes or blogs.  You are certainly not an exclusive fan of one particular social media platform.
You have a solid general awareness of ELT issues
You are probably an experienced ELT trainer, though you might be fairly new in the job with a strong desire to work online.  You will have a genuine talent for "thinking on your feet" and can explain tricky language issues in clear, simple terms.  You follow the social media presence of major ELT contributors and have an opinion on their work.
You want the challenge of working online
The online world doesn't keep to office hours, and although we certainly don't believe in working round the clock, you understand that you will need to rethink your work-schedule.  Email, messenger, audio and video are your communication tools and you can get your message across in all of them.
You get a buzz out of helping peole to learn
The coach, the mentor, the trainer, the enabler...  You don't see yourself in one of these roles because you know that the learner needs input from all of these professionals to reach their goals and you are the lighning rod linking them to the solution.
You are a Lone Ranger
You can think on your feet, you can adapt and improvise and you can start again from scratch.  Your knowledge of different teaching materials and approaches will allow you to reach to learner who has never understood that particular point when other teachers have covered it.  But you also know that asking for help with an issue is not a sign of weakness.
You have made mistakes
Everyone has.  If you think you haven't, then you need to do some serious thinking about your learners and how you interact with them.  We will certainly want to know how you dealt with the issues and challenges when the lesson didn't achieve its goals or the customer didn't look happy at the end of the meeting.
You know that the online world is not nine to five!
If you suffer from FOMO, think Google Alerts are great, and consider push notifations to be the greatest thing since sliced bread, then we have certainly got time to hear from you.